Simone Brown, Simone Brown Coaching Inc.

Personalities Pillar Speaker

Simone Brown is a performance architect for leaders and teams. She is the leading expert on engaging and motivating millennials in the workplace.

Her clients range from solopreneurs to large corporations that are seeking to better cultivate their human assets and company culture. She believes that emotional health equals corporate wealth, and she leverages neuroscience and emotional intelligence to help leaders create greater success. 

Simone created the 'Emotions-Profitability Continuum,' a seven-step framework that helps organizations discover how behavioural shifts can motivate employees to become more engaged.

She has over 15 years of experience in marketing, communications and public relations. She sculpted her expertise developing strategies for business leaders, government officials, and non-profit executives, who sought out to answer the question: "How do I inspire and engage my stakeholders?"

Simone is also founder of The 1911 Tribe, an initiative designed to help professional women find solutions that address, unravel, and overcome the concerns particular to women in the workplace.


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"I believe leadership that asks is more powerful than leadership that tells. "

-Simone Brown